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Empowering Minds,
One Talk at a Time.


Maxwell Certified Speaker, Trainer and Coach
DISC Behavioral Consultant

STACY MULLIGAN is an engaging speaker with a passion for inspiring others to reach their full potential.

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Stacy Mulligan is a dynamic entrepreneur known for her inspirational speaking, real estate expertise and teaching people to make every conversation count. She shares her experiences of redefining herself beyond motherhood, taking risks to challenge the status quo, overcoming obstacles and finding success in unexpected avenues.

Stacy's choices have often been driven by survival instincts, yet she consistently followed her heart and trusted her intuition. Despite challenges like divorce and single parenthood, she became successful as a stay-at-home mom. Now remarried with a thriving career, she faces a new chapter as an empty nester.

Navigate Personalities, Drive Success with DISC

What if you could understand your team members on an individual level, the unique style they collectively bring to the team, and the overarching strength that defines your group?

Elevate your team with workshops that adapt to your requirements and drive lasting results.

Book your personalized learning journey with the Maxwell DISC Method.

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Speaking Topics


 Redefining Success - Shaping Your Life Beyond Ordinary Goals

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Personality Styles and Communication - Maxwell DISC Indicator


Beyond Your Role as a Mother - Embracing YOU

Clapping Audience
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