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Speaker | Storyteller 
Maxwell Certified DISC Consultant

STACY MULLIGAN is an engaging speaker with a passion for inspiring others to reach their full potential.

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Stacy Mulligan is a dynamic entrepreneur known for her inspirational speaking, real estate expertise, and passion for baking. She shares her experiences of taking risks, overcoming challenges, and finding success in unexpected avenues.

Stacy’s journey has been a series of reinventions since changing her major at Lehigh University just prior to receiving her Bachelor’s Degree. Later, feeling unsettled in a 9 to 5 job, she took a risk to move from Florida to Las Vegas and got a job as a waitress. This choice led to a new path as a wife and mother.

Soon after, divorced and struggling to raise her son alone, she was determined to be a stay at home mom and make ends meet. This desire put her in a constant cycle of survival and “figuring it out” which eventually led her to become the successful woman she is now, remarried with a thriving career. Now she will take on the challenge of starting over yet again as she embarks on a new season as an empty nester aka "bird launcher".


Speaking Topics

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 Redefining Success - Shaping Your Life Beyond Ordinary Goals

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Personality Styles and Communication - Maxwell DISC Indicator

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Reinventing Yourself -
Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

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