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Stacy Mulligan, Speaker, DISC Trainer, Coach for Women

Keynote Speaker and Emptynest Coach for Moms
DISC Behavioral Consultant and Trainer

STACY MULLIGAN is an engaging speaker with a passion for inspiring women to reach their full potential.

Maxwell Certified Team
Stacy Mulligan, Maxwell Certified Speaker, Trainer and Coach
Stacy Mulligan, Maxwell Certified Speaker, Trainer and Coach

I'm Stacy Mulligan and This is My Story

Stacy Mulligan, Coach for Empty Nest Mothers

I am, and always have been an entrepreneur. Most of my choices throughout life have been driven by survival instincts, yet I allowed myself to consistently follow my heart and trust my intuition. 

In this chapter of my life, I feel moved to share the story of how the sun set on my identity as a full time mother and left me in a place where every step felt uncertain and every decision, a leap of faith.

No mother is ever truly prepared for what comes after their kids move into adulthood, at least I wasn't. But all the feelings of emptiness, sweet sorrow and releasing that I was anticipating, were nothing compared to the heartbreak I experienced.

There are so many women who are about to enter this new unknown chapter or are already struggling with the loss of "who they are."

My mission is to equip more mothers with the tools needed to get through it and open themselves up to a new and exciting chapter of their lives.

With every ending, comes a new beginning. Your new chapter could be the best one yet!


Speaking Topics

Stacy Mulligan, Speaker

Beyond Your Role as a Mother YOUR NEW IDENTITY

Stacy Mulligan, DISC Trainer

DISC Personality Styles and Communication

Stacy Mulligan, Coach for Women

 Redefining Success

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Coaching for Individuals and Business Owners

Do you go out of your way to avoid confrontation?

Have you ever let your emotions get the better of you in a conversation?

How many times have you lost a deal by pushing too hard to close it?

Do you find yourself avoiding conversations with certain people?

Are you worried that if things don't change soon, your relationship or job might come to an end?

As you read this, do you find yourself nodding your head yes more often than you'd prefer?

Then this course and coaching program might be for you.

It's designed to help individuals Sell More, Love Work & Connect on a Deeper Level.

Navigate Personalities, Drive Success with DISC

What if you could understand your team members on an individual level, the unique style they collectively bring to the team, and the overarching strength that defines your group?

Elevate your team with workshops that adapt to your requirements and drive lasting results.

Book your personalized learning journey with the Maxwell DISC Method.

DISC Personality Styles
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Stacy Mulligan, Maxwell Certified Team
Maxwell Certified DISC Consultant
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