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The Power of Keeping a Knowledge Diary

What have you learned today? I'm sure you learned something. If you left your house or you were on the computer and you talked to anybody, you probably learned something. I think we don't give enough credit to the things that we learn every day. And it’s important to remember that learning is growth. So each night when I'm writing in my book, I have a goal to write down two things I learned that day.

An interesting thing I have discovered is that by the end of the day, I can't remember what I learned. But I know I learned something, so I always force myself to go back and really think about any new things that I learned, and write down two of them. Try it for yourself and see. Create your own knowledge diary and then you can go back and read about all the things that you've learned every day. Over time it will become clear how much more you know than you did before. It is fascinating to look back and see what you learned a week, a month or even years ago.

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