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Mary Kay Ash: A Tale of Inspiration for Your Next Chapter

Ever heard of Mary Kay Ash, the force behind Mary Kay Cosmetics?

Did you know she kick-started her empire at the age of 45?

Her mission was simple but powerful: empower women to step out, be productive, and earn a significant income on their own terms.

I once had the incredible chance to meet her in person at a convention.

Picture this – I'm navigating a quiet hallway, trying to dodge the never-ending

bathroom lines at a women's conference, and there she is, right in front of me.

I expected her to breeze past, considering her fame and importance, while I was just a regular person.

But that's not what happened.

She stopped, looked at me, and said, “Hello. I’m Mary Kay Ash. It’s nice to meet you.”

She was kind, sweet, and a genuine human being.

It hit me – Mary Kay Ash was on a mission, a person who loved women and wanted them to be strong, happy, and have opportunities.

She approached me like it was no big deal.

Her purpose was to inspire, and she succeeded.

It made me think that maybe, one day, I could be in a room full of people there to see me, walking up to someone and saying, “Hi, I'm Stacy Mulligan. It's so nice to meet you,” and be an inspiration too.

So, here's your daily boost from an everyday person: If you're rethinking your life after 40, no problem.

Mary Kay started her empire at 45.

Trust your instincts, keep dreaming, and step out there! Your best chapter might be the next one you write.

Stacy Mulligan

Keynote Speaker and Empty Nest Coach for Moms

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