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Making Moves: The Power of Doing What You Love

Making Moves: The Power of Doing What You Love

We've all heard the saying, "Do what you love and the money will come." While that might not hold true if your passion is couch-surfing all day, there's a core truth here—doing what you love leads to success and personal fulfillment.

I sailed through high school with great grades, but when I hit Lehigh University as an accounting major, the struggle began. I found myself working tirelessly for C's when I was used to effortlessly earning A's and B's. Three years into college, just two classes shy of completing my accounting major, I had an epiphany—I didn't want to be an accountant.

The next year, I switched gears, declaring my major in marketing. This meant diving headfirst into all the core classes for my marketing degree. Surprisingly, I went from juggling five classes with mediocre results to tackling six tougher classes and achieving my best grades ever. Changing my major from accounting to marketing was a game-changer. Despite the increased technical challenge, I flourished, and my happiness levels soared.

The lesson? Sometimes, achieving your dreams requires sacrifices. Changing my major demanded hard work, but it was undeniably worth it. This is my example of how doing what you love, what truly fuels your passion, is the key to success in life. It's about finding joy in everyday pursuits rather than struggling through something you don't enjoy.

So, here's your tip of the week: Chase your dreams, embrace change, and remember, the journey is worth it when you're doing what you love.

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