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Finding Balance: Why I Added 'Me Time' to My Calendar

In the busy world of real estate, I remember my mentor telling me to take a breather. At first, I brushed it off—I mean, how do you build a business if you're not constantly working, right? But he insisted, 'You'll go crazy without some downtime.'

Being a go-getter (and maybe a bit of a workaholic), scheduling 'whatever I want' days felt like a challenge. Thanks to some gentle nudges from my coach and a few eye-opening books, I decided to give it a shot. Let me tell you, it's changed me.

Now, 'whatever I want' days aren't about doing nothing. It's about knowing I have the freedom to do whatever brings me joy—whether that's revamping the living room, diving into a good book, or just chilling with my dogs. It's given my mind the space it needs to clear up and made me better at, well, everything.

Sure, sometimes I sneak in a bit of work on these days, but just having the choice feels pretty darn liberating. Join me in embracing a little 'me time'—let's rediscover the joy in the everyday.

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