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Embrace Your Authenticity & Thrive: The Journey from Overwhelmed to Empowered

These days I am open, honest (well, I’ve always been honest 😊) and vulnerable.

I’ve created something special and have been shouting it from the rooftops.

If you missed my announcement, you can watch it here:


If you’ve already heard me talk about the Embrace your Authenticity & Thrive program, here are a few stories from the amazing people who jumped in at the beginning.   


Stories about the program:

“As a homeschooling mompreneur, I juggle my business around my family to create the life I want for them. I've only been a business owner for 4 years, but the concepts I'm learning in this course have helped me grow by leaps and bounds. It has ignited new passions in me and a desire to learn and expand. Thanks to the confidence I've gained through your coaching, I'm now rebranding and expanding my business.” – Chelsea, The Sister Lifter


“Each video is short so it's easy to absorb and fit into my busy schedule.  Plus, it feels like Stacy is in the room with you!” – Claudine, Loan Officer


Stories about the DISC Assessment:

“Wow! As Marissa Tomei would say in My Cousin Vinny, Dead on 🔮🏀 accurate!  I took the Entrepreneur assessment and got my results in minutes. Turns out, my style is a Communicator, which is perfect since I teach storytelling. The results were incredible. It showed how my public self, private self, and perceived self as an entrepreneur differ from my original DISC assessment. Fascinating! As I read through the results, I kept thinking, "This is so me!" Bottom line – if you're an entrepreneur, sign up for this NOW!” – Missy, Founder of What’s Your Story


“I’ve gotten so much value so far, but still the biggest takeaway for me is that only 11% of people think like I do. Knowing that set me free from thinking I am not a good communicator.”  – Chelsea, The Sister Lifter


When I rolled out Embrace your Authenticity & Thrive a few months ago, I realized its power. This program is absolutely incredible! It’s better than I ever imagined it would be.


You too can do this.

You can enjoy a life that runs more smoothly, have powerful relationships and radiate confidence in your business.

And guess what? It doesn’t have to be difficult.


Find Success stories, Details, Payment Options and Enroll Here


Take the chance on yourself. Make the investment. YOU ARE WORTH IT!

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