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Better Done Than Perfect: How to Overcome Perfectionism and Achieve More

Hey there. It's me again, Stacy, the recovering perfectionist. 

I'm here to tell you that if you are a perfectionist like me, it IS holding you back. 

The need to do everything flawlessly is stopping you from achieving all the amazing things you could be accomplishing.

It holds you back and stops you from reaching your full potential.

I've adopted a new motto recently: "better done than perfect."

It's been a journey for me to embrace this, and I still have my moments of doubt.

I catch myself thinking, "If I just tweak this a bit more," or "Maybe I should redo that video one last time." 

But you know what? Just do it! Whatever you've been working on, finish it up. 

Remember, you can always go back and refine it later, but getting it out there is crucial because someone out there needs it. 

Let that be your driving force.

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